Odysys Inc. is a forward-thinking digital marketing platform focused on the boutique hospitality industry

I was tasked with revamping everything from scratch, simplifying the old website structure, and scrapping most of the content that had accumulated over the years. Together with Odysys's marketing team, we created a new narrative, rebuilt the site’s information architecture, and streamlined visitors' experience.

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Intentional updates helped achieve a more human, friendly experience for users

The main issue with the old website was the overabundance of information that was getting visitors, and potential customers distracted, frustrated, and lost. The leads were not getting through, and the sales were suffering. They had an outdated online presence that started to get in the way of its normal operations.

We reduced the number of pages, removed all unnecessary content from those remaining, streamlined the way to the lead forms, and made sure everything on the site could be easily managed.

The company had an existing color palette already. I suggested we shift most of the usage from bright pink and dark purple to a softer, minimal approach. These updates helped achieve a more human and friendly experience. This is reflected in the digital brand guidelines, which lives on the website and offers easy downloadable logo and font files. This redesign also included a User Interface update to their client portal and dashboard.