Rubix Blockchain

Tokenization of Financial Assets.

The first international green blockchain platform, Rubix, is a shared, decentralized, secure platform that offers a reduced carbon footprint. During the discovery phase, we identified three main goals: to sell more systems,  refine their story, and create a compelling brand presence. From the start, we knew connecting the dots between sustainability, technology, and collaboration in the finance sector would be essential.

Sustainability thought leaders and key Rubix stakeholders, Mahesh Ramanujam and Sarah Merricks, provided deep knowledge of the fintech industry. The resulting design brought their passion for innovation to life while simplifying complex concepts into a clear and motivating story. This project developed a unique, innovative visual language that includes custom icons that inform and support their vision as they scale in the future.


Year: 2023
Agency: Antenna Group
Visual / UI Design: Sarah Miller
Art Direction: Sarah Miller
Development: Richard Pisarki
Content Strategy: Jennifer Blackmon

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